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How to Invest in Fantasy like Dream11 and win easily :

There are many tips and tricks to win in Dream11, MyFab11 & Other Fantasy Gaming Sites, here are some secrets we are going to reveal that how to invest and how to win in Dream11 :

  1. Don’t play all games. Play only those games where you also have knowledge.
  2. Dont invest all money in 1 game. for example you have 1000 rupees to spend in one month for dream11 then don’t invest more than 100 rupees per game.
  3. Play 2–4 member league with 1 team, don’t play Grand League or above 10 member league with single team.
  4. Play with multiple teams for Grand League or above 10 member leagues.
  5. In maximum game try to make captain from all-rounder section and vc either the best batsman or bowlers.
  6. For Grand League focus only for a particular series at one time and try grand league for all the match of that particular series. Don’t simply play any games for grand league.

How can you maximise your chances of winning on dream11?

To talk about Fantasy Gaming Sites Like Dream11, MyTeam11, Halaplay, LeagueX, Playerzpot or Ballebazi, they has already positioned themselves as a safe and simple to use fantasy league in a very short time.

There are few basic things you have to sorted out based on the match and the teams playing it. Picking up the right Power-Player, finding the right mix of batsmen and bowlers and picking the potential all-rounder who can contribute in more than one way are the basic necessity in picking the Dream 11 team.

Apart from these, there are other things which almost most of the fantasy league players fail to do. And these are the things where the experts and the winners stand out.

Here you some more tips you can use :

  1. Do check which player is available and who is missing the game.
  2. Do a little research on the young players.
  3. Pick the Players based on the Opposition attack.
  4. Pick your team well ahead, so that you will have time to rethink.
  5. Pre-run the match in your mind, before picking the right player.
  6. Don’t be a fan boy. Pick the player who will have more presence in the match.
  7. Those are the few things, where the winners and experts stand out.
  8. I never believe that winning a fantasy game is a mere luck. It needs the right intuition with the right blend of gaming.
  9. It is not going to come easily unless one takes it seriously and put on more background works into that.
  10. And I have seen people mastering it very quickly and started earning the real cash through them.


Watch Some Videos For More Clarity About Fantasy Gaming

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