We all know that of the pitch report experts at the time of pitch report often mention that how weather conditions affect a cricket match and how it can affect the final result of a cricket match. After winning the toss, climate and weather is something that captains take into consideration while making the decision whether to bat first or to field first. So Lets understand it in very simple way.

Good Weather Conditions :

Good weather conditions means the sky is clear and no chances of rain with wind and humidity is also good at their normal level. it can help the batsmen in scoring more runs. The clear blue sky is always a good sign for the batsmen, because in these type of conditions ball usually doesn’t swing that much.

If the sun is shining very brightly and it’s very hot so it takes all the moisture away from the pitch in quick time hence making it a batsman friendly pitch. The bounce and movement is easy to predict after that. and it becomes easy for the batsman to just play through the line.

That is why you often see more runs scored in clear conditions as compared to murky overcast days. if there is grass in the pitch and if the conditions are warm then the grass also dries out fairly quickly again it starts to help the batsmen in clear days.

Overcast Conditions :

Overcast can help the bowling side. Bowlers like to bowl in overcast conditions, mainly the fast bowlers because the ball swings and moves in the air in such conditions. A pitch that offers bounce combined with a very cloudy day can give seam bowlers good opportunity to take wickets while making things very tough for batsmen.

Bowling sides like overcast conditions when there is a little bit of wind around so the ball swings a little bit and it makes things harder for batting side.

Rainy and Humid Conditions :

If the humidity levels are high then again it helps the bowlers. When the climate is rainy then pitches also have lots of moisture in them that fast bowlers can take advantage of it.

In these types of conditions, the pitch takes a long time to dry out and it is good time to bowl because bowlers can use these conditions.

Conditions after Raining :

If it has rained recently then the pitch has some moisture in it and It will hold it’s shape for a long time and also the extra moisture may force some lateral movements.

After rain the bowlers can often struggle for both bounce and spin. it also becomes difficult for batting because the ball doesn’t come on to bat easily.

Wet Outfield :

You may have heard many time “Toss is delayed due to wet outfield” It happens When the ground also gets wet in rain which slows the ball traveling speed.

It happens because most of the time the pitch is covered but the whole ground is not covered. The ball tends to get slippery and it becomes harder for bowlers to grip the ball.

Dew Effect :

It is similar like the last one. The ground gets wet during day-night matches, where the dew causes problems for both bowling and batting sides during the second innings of the match.

It slows the ball traveling speed. It becomes very hard for bowlers to grip the ball however this can be prevented by collective effort from the team drying out the ball with their towels.

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