MI-W vs RCB-W Dream11 Preview for 4th Match

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MI-W vs RCB-W 4th Match Analysis

Mumbai Indians Women vs Royal Challengers Women

Women’s Premier League, 2023

Time – 7:30 PM    Date – 6 Mar 2023

🏟️ MI-W vs RCB-W Match Venue : Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai

Recent Matches At This Vanue :

AUS-W 196/4(20) vs IND-W 142/10(20)

P : 1, 7
S : 3, 2

AUS-W 188/3(20) vs IND-W 181/5(20)

P : 0, 1
S : 3, 4

AUS-W 172/8(20) vs IND-W 151/7(20)

P : 4, 4
S : 4, 2

AUS-W 209/4(20) vs ENG-W 152/9(20)

P : 3, 6
S : 0, 2

🏏🏏 Stats that matters the most :

(1) Nat Sciver-Brunt (last 4 innings) : 23+2w, 40+0w, 81*+1w, 50+0w

(2) Amelia Kerr (recent form) : 45*+2w, 66+2w, 16+1w, 10+0w, 21+3w, 28+2w, 73*+0w, 27*+1w

(3) Smriti Mandhana scored 176 runs in recent 4 innings.

(4) Amelia Kerr is dismissed by Megan Schutt 5 times in just 39 balls.

(5) Heather Knight is dismissed by Heather Graham 3 times in 25 balls.


(1) H Matthews dismissed by
S Devine 13(11) – 1w
R Singh 15(18) – 1w

(2) N Sciver-Brunt dismissed by
S Devine 39(35) – 2w
M Schutt 14(16) – 1w

(3) H Kaur dismissed by
M Schutt 36(40) – 2w
S Devine 19(19) – 1w

(4) A Kerr dismissed by
M Schutt 34(39) – 5w
E Perry 11(11) – 1w

(5) P Vastrakar dismissed by
S Devine 11(7) – 0w
M Schutt 6(7) – 0w

(6) S Devine dismissed by
N Sciver-Brunt 40(36) – 2w
A Kerr 11(15) – 1w

(7) E Perry dismissed by
A Kerr 38(45) – 3w
H Kaur 25(23) – 0w

(8) R Ghosh dismissed by
H Kaur 10(10) – 2w
N Sciver-Brunt 18(11) – 1w

(9) H Knight dismissed by
H Graham 25(25) – 3w
A Kerr 34(36) – 3w

MI-W vs RCB-W PROBABLE 11 with Recent Form :


(1) Hayley Matthews (RHB, RAO) 47+0w(1), 20+2w, 66*+1w, 2+1w, 42+0w, 34+1w, 34, 34*+0w, 29+1w

(2) Yastika Bhatia (LHB) (wk) 1, 4, 17, 18, 35, 80*, 2

(3) Nat Sciver-Brunt (RHB, RAMF) 23+2w(2), 40+0w, 81*+1w, 50+0w, 5+0w, 40*+0w, 20*+1w, 15+0w, 13+0w, 7*+1w

(4) Harmanpreet Kaur (RHB, RAO) (C) 65, 52, 13, 4, 33, 16, 21, 32*, 56*, 12, 46

(5) Amelia Kerr (RHB, RAL) 45*+2w(2), 66+2w, 16+1w, 10+0w, 21+3w, 28+2w, 73*+0w, 27*+1w

(6) Pooja Vastrakar (RHB, RAM) 15+0w(2), 2*+0w, 2*+0w, 1w, 1w, 1*+0w, 2w, 27+2w, 6+1w, 61+0w

(7) Issy Wong (RAM) 6*+1w(3), 1w, 1w, 3+0w, 24+1w, 9+0w, 0w, 1w, 0+0w

(8) Humaira Kazi (RHB, RAMF) #, 20, 4+0w

(9) Jintimani Kalita (LHB, RAMF) 0w(2)

(10) Amanjot Kaur (RHB, RAM) 2w(2), 0w, 41*+0w, 3*+0w, 17*+2w, 49, 6

(11) Saika Ishaque (LHB, LAO) 4w(3.1), 1w, 2w


Chloe Tryon (RHB, LAO) 25+1w, 3+0w, 1+0w, 40+0w, 10+2w, 57*+0w, 3+1w, 26

Heather Graham (RHB, RAM) 4w, 0w, 3w, 21+2w, 30, 1+0w, 0+0w, 50+0w, 23*+2w, 11+0w

Sonam Yadav (RHB, LAO) 1w, 0w, 0w, 1w, 2w, 1w, 2w, 0w, 1w

Dhara Gujjar (LHB, RAM) 17, 8, 15

Priyanka Bala (RHB) Debut

Neelam Bisht (RHB, RAO) Debut


(1) Sophie Devine (RHB, RAM) 14+0w(1), 3*, 0, 16, 0, 10+2w, 0+2w, 47+1w, 19+0w, 45+0w

(2) Smriti Mandhana (LHB) 35, 2, 87, 52, 10, 0, 5, 0*, 74*, 7

(3) Ellyse Perry (RHB, RAMF) 31+0w(3), 7+0w, 2*+0w, 11+1w, 1w, 0w, 40+1w, 0w, 57*+2w

(4) Disha Kasat (RHB, RAMF) 9, 19, 5

(5) Richa Ghosh (RHB) (wk) 2, 14, 0, 47*, 44*, 31*, 4, 7, 33, 49

(6) Heather Knight (RHB) 34+2w(3), 31, 4, 28, 14, 32*, 0*, 0, 43, 18

(7) Kanika Ahuja (RHB, RAM) 0, 1w

(8) Sobhana Asha (RHB, RAL) 2+0w(2)

(9) Megan Schutt (RAMF) 30*+0w(4), 1w, 1w, 1w, 4w, 1w, 2w, 0w, 5w, 0w, 1w

(10) Preeti Bose (RAO) 0w(4), 1w, 3w, 0w, 0w, 0w, 1w

(11) Renuka Singh Thakur (RAMF) 0w(3), 0w, 1w, 5w, 1w, 0w, 1w, 0w, 0w


Dane van Niekerk (RHB, RAL) 21*+0w, 6+0w, 43+0w, 12+0w, 0+0w, 33+0w, 5+0w, 5+0w

Erin Burns (RHB, RAO) 1, 10, 51*, 0, 25+1w, 25, 1, 16*, 23*

Sahana Pawar (RHB, LAO) 0w, 2w, 0+0w, 3w

Komal Zanzad (LAMF) 2w, 0w, 0w, 0w, 0w

Shreyanka Patil (RHB, RAM) 7+1w, 2w

Poonam Khemnar (RHB, RAL) Debut

Indrani Roy (RHB) (wk) Debut

MI-W vs RCB-W Dream 11 Team (Demo) :

1) Richa Ghosh
2) Harmanpreet Kaur
3) Smriti Mandhana
4) as per YouTube Video Tips
5 Sophie Devine
6) Nat Sciver-Brunt
7) Amelia Kerr
8) Hayley Matthews
9) Amelia Kerr
10) Megan Schutt
11) Saika Ishaque

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MI-W vs RCB-W Top Captain, Vice Captain Options for Small League:

1) Amelia Kerr
2) Nat Sciver-Brunt
3) Hayley Matthews
4) Smriti Mandhana

MI-W vs RCB-W Top Captain, Vice Captain Options for Grand League:

1) Ellyse Perry
2) Harmanpreet Kaur
3) Heather Knight
4) Sophie Devine

MI-W vs RCB-W Grand League Differential Picks Suggestions:

1) Pooja Vastrakar
2) Renuka Singh Thakur
3) Yastika Bhatia
4) Disha Kasat



Priyanka Bala, Yastika Bhatia(wk), Neelam Bisht, Heather Graham, Dhara Gujjar, Saika Ishaque, Jintimani Kalita, Amanjot Kaur, Harmanpreet Kaur, Humaira Kazi, Amelia Kerr, Hayley Matthews, Nat Sciver-Brunt, Chloe Tryon, Pooja Vastrakar, Issy Wong, Sonam Yadav


Kanika Ahuja, Sobhana Asha, Erin Burns, Sophie Devine, Richa Ghosh (wk), Disha Kasat, Poonam Khemnar, Heather Knight, Smriti Mandhana, Shreyanka Patil, Sahana Pawar, Ellyse Perry, Preeti Bose, Renuka Singh, Indrani Roy (wk), Megan Schutt, Dane van Niekerk, Komal Zanzad

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MI-W vs RCB-W Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

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A-5 : (a) Players in good recent form with bat and bowl (2) for more watch YouTube video.

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