PBKS vs KOL 2nd Match Dream11 Prediction 2023

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PBKS vs KOL 2nd Match Analysis

Panjab Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Indian Premier League, 2023

Time: 3:30 PM    Date: 1 Apr 2023

🏟️ PBKS vs KOL Match Venue : Panjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali

Recent Matches At This Vanue :

IND 208/6(20) vs AUS 211/6(19.2)

P : 6, 2
S : 0, 4

SA 149/5(20) vs IND 151/3(19)

P : 4, 1
S : 1, 2

CSK 170/5(20) vs PBKS 173/4(18)

P : 5, 0
S : 0, 4

PBKS 183/6(20) vs KKR 185/3(18)

P : 4, 2
S : 1, 1

🏏🏏 Stats that matters the most :

(1) Venkatesh Iyer (last 4 innings): 28+0w, 42+0w, 57+0w, 62*+6w

(2) Nitish Rana (recent form): 10+0w, 61+3w, 49*+1w, 2+2w, 36+2w, 45+0w, 107+2w


(1) S Dhawan dismissed by
S Thakur 73(47) – 3w
L Ferguson 70(60) – 3w

(2) P Singh dismissed by
V Arora 7(6) – 0w

(3) B Rajapaksa dismissed by
L Ferguson 24(13) – 2w
A Russell 14(7) – 0w

(4) J Sharma dismissed by
S Thakur 14(12) – 1w

(5) S Khan dismissed by
T Southee 6(4) – 1w
S Thakur 19(11) – 0w

(6) S Curran dismissed by
L Ferguson 10(8) – 1w
S Narine 34(16) – 1w

(7) H Brar dismissed by
U Yadav 0(2) – 1w
S Narine 9(9) – 0w

(8) V Iyer dismissed by
K Rabada 14(11) – 1w
N Ellis 20(12) – 0w

(9) R Gurbaz dismissed by
S Raza 45(30) – 0w

(10) N Rana dismissed by
R Chahar 25(19) – 2w
A Singh 13(6) – 1w

(11) R Singh dismissed by
H Brar 12(8) – 0w

(12) A Russell dismissed by
N Ellis 1(4) – 1w
A Singh 16(6) – 1w

(13) S Narine dismissed by
A Singh 3(6) – 1w
K Rabada 23(12) – 1w

PBKS vs KOL H2H Matches Record:

PBKS 137/10(18.2) vs KKR 141/4(14.3)

Bhanuka Rajapaksa 31
Kagiso Rabada 25+1w
Liam Livingstone 19
Rahul Chahar 2w

Andre Russell 70*+1w
Umesh Yadav 4w
Tim Southee 2w
Sunil Narine 1w

POM : Umesh Yadav

KKR 165/7(20) vs PBKS 168/5(19.3)

Venkatesh Iyer 67+1w
Varun Chakravarthy 2w
Sunil Narine 1w

M Shahrukh Khan 22*
Arshdeep Singh 2w

PBKS 123/9(20) vs KKR 126/5(16.4)

M Shahrukh Khan 13
Arshdeep Singh 1w

Andre Russell 10
Sunil Narine 2w
Varun Chakravarthy 1w

KKR 149/9(20) vs PBKS 150/2(18.5)

Lockie Ferguson 24*+1w
Varun Chakravarthy 1w

Arshdeep Singh 0w

PBKS vs KOL Last 5 Matches (most recent first):

PBKS  –  L  W  L  W  

KOL  –  L  W  W  L  W

PBKS vs KOL PROBABLE 11 with Recent Form :


(1) Shikhar Dhawan (LHB) (C) 37, 39, 19, 21, 12, 62*, 5, 88*, 9, 8, 70

(2) Matthew Short (RHB, RAO) 0+1w, 0+0w, 40+1w, 39+0w, 20+0w, 38+0w, 100*+2w, 38+1w

(3) Prabhsimran Singh (RHB) (wk) 8, 4, 64, 80*, 23*, 74, 57*, 0, 10

(4) Bhanuka Rajapaksa (LHB) 25*, 41, 24, 1, 6, 17*, 0, 3, 9

(5) Shahrukh Khan (RHB, RAO) 9, 5, 1, 19, 11, 22, 58*+1w, 0w, 3+2w, 0w, 51*+0w, 24*+2w

(6) Jitesh Sharma (RHB) (wk) 46*, 15, 14*, 3*, 50*, 34*, 2, 43, 14

(7) Sam Curran (LHB, LAMF) 4+0w, 12+1w, 6+0w, 2+2w, 5+3w, 22+0w, 2+0w, 0+1w, 8+2w, 15*+0w

(8) Harpreet Brar (LAO) 1w, 0w, 0w, 1w, 13*+1w, 1w, 1w, 1w, 0w

(9) Rahul Chahar (RAL) 2w, 1w, 2w, 0w, 0w, 3w, 0w, 0w, 2w

(10) Arshdeep Singh (LAMF) 2w, 2w, 1w, 3w, 0w, 4w, 0w, 0w, 1w

(11) Kagiso Rabada (RAF) 2w, 0w, 0w, 1w, 3w, 0w, 2w, 3w, 0w, 2w


Nathan Ellis (RAMF) 2w, 1w, 1w, 0w, 4w, 2w, 1w, 0w, 2w, 4w

Liam Livingstone (RHB, RAO/L) 1*+0w, 4+0w, 20+0w, 1*+0w, 29*+3w, 28+1w, 45+0w, 5+0w

Sikandar Raza (RHB, RAO) 1, 23, 1, 1*+0w, 20+0w, 14+1w, 71*+0w, 23*+2w, 0w, 32*+1w

Rishi Dhawan (RAMF) 1+2w, 7*+3w, 9*+2w, 0w, 4*+2w, 1+3w, 22+1w, 4+0w

Atharva Taide (LHB) 29, 1, 4, 31, 30, 36, 28, 22, 43

Harpreet Singh Bhatia (LHB) 27, 47, 13, 60*, 49, 26, 14, 1, 42

Baltej Singh Dhanda (RAM) 1w, 1w, 3w, 3w, 1w, 1w, 1w, 0w, 0w, 3w

Raj Angad Bawa (LHB, RAMF) 30, 40*+0w, 8*+2w, 1w, 11, 0

Vidwath Kaverappa (RAM) 3w, 2w, 1w, 3w, 5w, 1w, 0w, 3w

Shivam Singh (RHB, RAO) Debut

Mohit Rathee (RHB, RAL) Debut


(1) Venkatesh Iyer (LHB, RAM) 28+0w, 42+0w, 57+0w, 62*+6w, 0, 7, 43+0w, 6+0w

(2) Rahmanullah Gurbaz (RHB) (wk) 18, 44, 16, 10, 33, 15, 25, 0, 23

(3) Nitish Rana (LHB, RAO) (C) 10+0w, 61+3w, 49*+1w, 2+2w, 36+2w, 45+0w, 107+2w, 7+1w

(4) Narayan Jagadeesan (RHB) 6*, 10, 2, 58*, 35, 7, 2, 0, 0, 39

(5) Andre Russell (RHB, RAFM) 1w, 15*+2w, 0*+1w, 30*+1w, 1+0w, 42+0w, 12+1w, 33+0w, 13+1w

(6) Rinku Singh (LHB) 79, 8*, 38, 14, 40, 5, 23*, 6, 42*, 23

(7) Sunil Narine (LHB, RAO) 10+1w, 39+1w, 8+2w, 0w, 1w, 11+1w, 23+0w, 0w, 28*+1w

(8) Shardul Thakur (RAMF) 4+2w, 3+4w, 0w, 24+0w, 2w, 1+3w, 8*+0w, 0w

(9) Varun Chakravarthy (RAL) 3w, 1w, 1w, 0w, 0w, 2w, 0w, 2w, 1w, 2w

(10) Lockie Ferguson (RAF) 0w, 0w, 2w, 2w, 2w, 0w, 0w, 2w

(11) Umesh Yadav (RAF) 0w, 0w, 3w, 0w, 3w, 0w, 2w, 1w, 2w


Litton Das (RHB) (wk) 83, 47, 73, 9, 12, 55, 7, 47, 36

David Wiese (RHB, RAMF) 2*+1w, 9*+0w, 12+0w, 2+0w, 6+1w, 0+0w, 15*+0w, 2+1w

Shakib Al Hasan (LHB, LAO) 38*+5w, 20*+0w, 4*+1w, 0+1w, 34*+1w, 1*+0w, 2w, 22+0w, 6+1w

Tim Southee (RAMF) 2w, 3w, 0w, 2w, 1w, 1w, 3w, 1w, 2w, 2w, 2w

Mandeep Singh (RHB) 29*, 1*, 8, 44, 30, 0, 18, 0, 13, 15

Vaibhav Arora (RAFM) 3w, 0w, 0w, 1w, 2w, 1w, 3w, 0w, 0w

Kulwant Khejroliya (LAFM) 0w, 0w, 1w, 1w, 0w, 0w, 2w, 0w

Anukul Roy (LAO) 1w, 15+2w, 0+0w, 5+0w, 0+0w, 1w

Harshit Rana (RAF) 2+0w, 0*+1w

Suyash Sharma (RAL) Debut

PBKS vs KOL Dream 11 Team (Demo) :

1) Rahmanullah Gurbaz
2) Shikhar Dhawan
3) Nitish Rana
4) as per Video Tips
5) Venkatesh Iyer
6) Andre Russell
7) Sam Curran
8) Sunil Narine
9) Arshdeep Singh
10) Kagiso Rabada
11) Shardul Thakur

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PBKS vs KOL Top Captain, Vice Captain Options for Small League:

1) Andre Russell
2) Sam Curran
3) Shikhar Dhawan
4) Sunil Narine

PBKS vs KOL Top Captain, Vice Captain Options for Grand League:

1) Arshdeep Singh
2) Kagiso Rabada
3) Nitish Rana
4) Venkatesh Iyer

PBKS vs KOL Grand League Differential Picks Suggestions:

1) Matthew Short
2) Jitesh Sharma
3) Shardul Thakur
4) Rinku Singh



Shikhar Dhawan (C), Arshdeep Singh, Baltej Singh, Raj Bawa, Rahul Chahar, Sam Curran, Rishi Dhawan, Nathan Ellis, Harpreet Brar, Harpreet Singh, Vidwath Kaverappa, Liam Livingstone, Mohit Rathee, Prabhsimran Singh (wk), Kagiso Rabada, Bhanuka Rajapaksa, M Shahrukh Khan, Jitesh Sharma (wk), Shivam Singh, Matthew Short, Sikandar Raza, Atharva Taide


Nitish Rana (C), Vaibhav Arora, Lockie Ferguson, Harshit Rana, Venkatesh Iyer, Narayan Jagadeesan, Kulwant Khejroliya, Litton Das (wk), Mandeep Singh, Sunil Narine, Rahmanullah Gurbaz (wk), Anukul Roy, Andre Russell, Shakib Al Hasan, Rinku Singh, Tim Southee, Suyash Sharma, Shardul Thakur, Varun Chakravarthy, David Wiese, Umesh Yadav

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A-4 : Check the Telegram channel after Toss for today’s match Grand League Differential picks.

Q-5 : What are PBKS vs KOL 2nd Match dream11 Captain and Vice-Captain Choices?

A-5 : (a) Players in good recent form with bat and bowl (2) for more watch YouTube video.

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A-6 : If there will be any injury updates we will update at Telegram Channel.

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