Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Tips For Regular Winnings

There are many important Fantasy Cricket Tips for Regular Winnings in Fantasy Apps like Dream11, MyFab11 and Vision11 but we will focus on Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Tips.

1. Play Small Leagues:

Everyone who plays fantasy cricket wants to win a lot of money quickly. And they believe that participating in the grand leagues, in which thousands or lakhs of contestants compete, is the best way to achieve this. Users in these leagues continue to lose money and lose the mindset to create a good team.

It’s important not to be greedy and to try your luck in the small leagues, where you can win even if your team has a few flaws. in a grand league, where even a minor error can knockout you off the winning list. Try to avoid risky matches. Where you can’t predict anything about the player’s performance. Play Small leagues and win easily.

2. Best Contest For Regular Winning:

If you are a beginner always try to play head-to-head leagues because here your winnings chance is 50% and if you beat one player you will get the prize money easily. When you gain good knowledge after playing fantasy for 2-3 months then you should try to play 3 to 4 members league. Here also your winning chances are very high. You can easily grab the prize money if you beat 2 or 3 players. For long term profit a quility investor invest from 11 members to 50 members contest where you do not need to win all matches you just have to win 1 or 2 matches out of 10 to 15 matches and you can get good profit when you get first rank in 11, 25, 30 to 50 members contest.

Invest in the entry fee according to your budget. Play high entry fee contest and win big money. Before playing the contest and investing in it, analyze properly about the profit and loss of the contest. It will make you a very disciplined investor. And you will know about the loss and profit from those contests. You can win smartly by investing your money in the right way in small leagues, such as H2H, and 3 to 4 members and 8, 10, 11 to 25 members contests. 

So here it’s very clear that you can double the money by playing only 1 league of 3 members. Or if you lose a league you can cover it easily. Fantasy cricket is a skill and luck-based game. You can’t lose each match you will learn and will win. 

3. Invest Your Money Correctly:

Don’t invest all your money in a single match. Divide your budget match-wise.
If you have Rs 10,000 to play fantasy cricket games then never invest it’s 20% or more in a single match. When you invest a lot of money, you always feel pressure to build your team so you won’t have to lose it. Just invest between Rs 100 to 500 in every match from your Rs 10,000 budget it will allow you can play 20 to 50 Matches to learn and experience. If you lose 2 to 3 games then don’t worry you will have enough money in your wallet to make a comeback easily. And from that money, you can win and increase your money easily.

And if you put all of your money in a single match then if you lose the contest you will lose all of your money and don’t have any chance to make a comeback because your wallet will get empty. So just try to invest 2-4% of your budget in every match. If you don’t have a lot of money but still want to play in the grand leagues and want to win big then create 5 to 10 teams with different combinations and rotate your captain and vice-captain to get a perfect combination and win big. This way, you can easily determine how much you need to invest per match. We will recommend investing only 2% to 4% of your budget.

4. Best Strategies against Weak Teams:

There are many games between teams whose strengths are unmatched. In these types of matches, it’s very important to focus on which team is batting first. It is highly likely that the weaker team will be all-out or they will lose more wickets if they bat first. That means you need to pick all the bowlers from the strongest team. Try to cover all full-time bowlers, because any one of them can take 3 to 4 wickets easily and you can try them as your captain and vice-captain as well. Most of the batsman from weaker teams will get out on a low score and from the strongest team most of the time the top-order batsman will do the job easily. So in these types of situations try to take only top-order batsman from the strongest team because middle-order or lower-order batsman might not get an opportunity to bat. They will be a very good choice for your captain and vice-captain and you can rotate them as captain and vice-captain in your grand league team to get the highest score player as your team captain.

In the opposite case if the strongest team is batting first that means most of the time they will score big runs. So try to pick the top 4 batsman from the strongest team and you could find the highest scorer easily between them. And make captain and vice-captain between them and rotate your c/vc to grab the highest scorer. You can pick one Bowler from the weaker team who will Bowl in death overs because in Death overs bowlers have a good chance to take wickets easily but sometimes they can leak more runs. While a weaker team is chasing a big target most probably they will struggle and may be few batsman will score more points. And you can go for the best wicket-taker bowlers from the strongest team.

5. Balance Your Team Properly:

The most important tip is to create a balanced team. A balanced team should have a mix of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. You should not only focus on the star players but also include some underrated players who can perform well. Also, keep in mind the balance of the team while selecting players. Don’t create a team that is heavy on bowlers or batsmen. Pick top-order batsman from both teams as they have a good chance to score more points. Pick always wicket takers bowlers from both teams. Always pick good Wicket-keeper batsman in your team and don’t forget to pick good All-rounders because they are the must-have for your team. Try to pick a very good balanced team by picking these kinds of players that you can earn points throughout the full match.

A balanced team must have players from all categories. So, while selecting your team, make sure that you have a good mix of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. While selecting your team, keep in mind about the match conditions, pitch conditions, and whether the match is being played on a batting-friendly or bowling-friendly pitch. Make a team that has a good mix of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders is more likely to perform well.


Q.1 How can I increase my chances of winning at fantasy cricket?

Ans: You can increase your chances of winning at fantasy cricket by doing thorough research, creating a balanced team, checking the weather and pitch conditions, following the toss, and submitting your team before the deadline.

Q.2 What should I research before creating my fantasy cricket team?

Ans: You should research the players’ performance in recent matches, their form, their history, and the venue of the match. You should also keep an eye on injuries and the team composition.

Q.3 What is a balanced team?

Ans: A balanced team is one that has a good mix of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders, in such a way that they complement each other and provide a solid foundation for your team’s success.

Q.4 Can I rely solely on star players while creating my fantasy cricket team?

Ans: While star players are an important part of any fantasy cricket team, you should not rely solely on them. You should also select some underrated players who can perform well and add value to your team.

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