What are IPL 2023 Rules

The IPL organisers BCCI is introducing some new Rules and Regulations to make the tournament much more exciting and interesting. There is some new rule almost every year that either challenges players or makes the games more interesting. This is the 16th season of IPL and the organiser made some new rules and regulations for the tournament. Here are the new IPL 2023 rules.

  • After the toss, the captains of each team are allowed to enter with two different team sheets before selecting their final playing 11.
  • Teams can take two Decision Review System (DRS) for each innings.
  • In the IPL 2023, players can take reviews for wides balls and no-balls.
  • Unless it is the last ball of the over, the incoming batsman will take the strike upon a catch dismissal regardless of whether the batsmen have crossed or not.
  • The BCCI will attempt to reschedule the match later in the IPL 2023 if any team is unable to select their playing XI due to COVID-19.
  • The IPL Technical Team will investigate the matter if match rescheduling won’t be possible.
  • In the Final/Playoffs: The team with the highest points will be declared the winner if the Super Over or subsequent Super Overs cannot be completed for any reason.

IPL Playing Condition New Updates:

  • Only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle are allowed for an over rate penalty of each over that is not completed within the allotted time.
  • The wicketkeeper’s unfair movement will result in a dead ball and five penalty runs.
  • A dead ball and five penalty runs will result for a fielder’s unfair movement.

Impact Player Rules of IPL 2023:

  • Unless there are less than 4 foreign players in the playing Eleven, the Impact Player must be an Indian player.
  • Only an foreign player can be selected as an impact Player if the team has chosen only 3 foreign player in the playing11
  • During toss time, teams must select 4 substitutes in addition to the playing XI and one 1 out of 4 can be selected as an impact Player. The Impact Player will be selected by Captain.
  • The Impact Player can be used before the innings start, or after fall of wicket, or after completing the over, or after the batsman retires at any point during the over.
  • A player who is replaced by an Impact player (the “Replaced Player”) can’t play in the rest of the game and can’t come back as a substitute fielder.
  • The BCCI has confirmed that Impact Players are unable to act as captains.
  • Each match, only one Impact Player can be used by both teams. However, it is not mandatory. Teams can choose whether or not to utilize the Impact Player.
  • If the team uses Impact Player to replace a player who gets injured while fielding in the middle of an over, that player can no longer take part in the match.
  • In case an Impact player got injured during the game. If the umpires allow then a substitute player can field in place of an injured player.
  • The substitute player cannot bowl or cannot act as captain.
  • As per the playing condition the penalty time for the fielding and bowling teams will apply to the player who is off the field for the substitute.
  • The rule will not be applicable in rain shortened games which go below ten overs. Also, in case of injury, the substituted player will no longer be allowed to take any part in the remaining game. However, if an Impact Player gets injured in the middle of an over, then the current normal fielder substitution laws are applicable once the umpire is convinced. The fielder who will come in as a substitute for the Impact Player cannot bowl or captain the team.


Here are all the details of the new rules of 2023 IPL. Hope with these rules this season of IPL will be much more exciting and interesting. And let’s see how these rules will act in this season of IPL. Hopefully you liked our post and it’s all clear to you about the new rules and most talked Impact player rules. We have explained very well about the Impact player rules.

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